/ 5pCzEtIv; `pBzEtIv/ adj
with no possibility of doubt; clear and definite 无可怀疑的; 明确的; 确定的: positive instructions, orders, rules, etc 明确的指示﹑ 命令﹑ 规定等 * We have no positive proof of her guilt. 我们没有她犯罪的确切证据.
~ (about sth/that...) (of a person) confidently holding an opinion; convinced (指人)有把握的, 确信的: Are you absolutely positive that it was after midnight? 你是否有绝对把握认为那事是在午夜以後发生的? * She was quite positive about the amount of money involved. 她对所涉及的钱数十分肯定.
(a) providing help; constructive 有助益的; 建设性的: make positive proposals, suggestions, etc 提出有益的建议﹑ 意见等 * Try to be more positive in dealing with the problem. 对解决该问题再积极一些. (b) showing confidence and optimism 自信的; 乐观的: a positive attitude, feeling, etc 乐观的态度﹑ 情绪等 * positive thinking, ie a determined mental attitude that helps one achieve success 必胜的思想.
(infml 口) absolute; complete 彻底的; 绝对的; 完全的: Her behaviour was a positive outrage. 她的行为残暴到了极点. * It was a positive miracle that we arrived on time. 我们能够及时赶到, 这简直是奇迹.
(of the results of a test or an experiment) indicating that a substance is present (指试验或实验的结果)表明存在某物质的, 阳性的: a positive reaction 阳性反应 * The tests proved positive. 试验结果呈阳性. * They were hoping for a positive result from the experiment. 他们希望从实验中获得阳性结果.
(mathematics 数) (of a quantity) greater than zero (指数量)正的: a positive number 正数 * the positive sign (+) 正号.
tending towards increase or improvement 倾向於增加或改善的: Positive progress has been achieved during the negotiations. 谈判取得了良好的进展. * There have been positive developments in international relations. 国际关系已逐步改善. * positive discrimination, ie deliberately favouring an underprivileged group, esp in employment policy 具有积极意义的区别对待(尤指在就业政策中所实施的偏向贫困阶层的做法).
containing or producing the type of electrical charge produced by rubbing glass with silk 正电的; 正极的: a positive charge 正电荷 * the positive terminal of a battery, ie the one through which electric current leaves the battery 电池的正极端子.
(of a photograph) showing light and shadows as in nature or in the object photographed, not reversed as in a negative (指照片)正片的: a positive image 正片影像. Cf 参看 negative.
(grammar) (of an adjective or adverb) in the simple form, not the comparative or superlative (指形容词或副词)原级的(非比较级的或最高级的).
> positive n
1 (grammar) positive adjective 原级形容词: `Silly' is the positive and `sillier' the comparative. *silly 是原级形容词, sillier是比较级形容词.
2 positive quality or quantity 确实; 正量; 正数.
3 photograph printed from a negative plate or film (照片的)正片.
positively adv (a) (infml 口) extremely; absolutely 极其; 绝对地: He was positively furious when he saw the mess. 他看到混乱的情况, 气得不得了. * She was positively bursting to tell us the news. 她迫不及待地要把那消息告诉我们. (b) with complete certainty; firmly 十分肯定地; 坚定地: She positively assured me that it was true. 她向我明确地保证那是事实. * Are you positively convinced that he is not coming back? 你确信他不回来了吗?
positiveness n [U].
# ,positive `pole (a) positive terminal of an electric battery; anode (电池的)正极, 阳极. (b) north-seeking pole of a magnet (磁体的)北极.