/ pR:(r); [email protected] pUEr; pJr/ adj (-er, -est)
having very little money with which to buy one's basic needs 贫穷的; 贫困的: She was too poor to buy clothes for her children. 她穷得没钱给孩子买衣服. * He came from a poor family. 他出身於穷苦人家. * the poorer countries of the world 世界上的贫穷国家.
[pred 作表语] ~ in sth having sth only in very small quantities; deficient in sth 缺乏某物; 某方面不足: a country poor in minerals 缺乏矿产的国家 * soil poor in nutrients 缺少养分的土壤.
(a) not good; inadequate, esp in contrast with what is usual or expected 不好的, 不充分的, 不足的(尤与一般的或所期望的情况相比): We had a poor crop of raspberries this year. 今年我们的悬钩子歉收. * They received a poor return on their investment. 他们的投资获利甚微. * Attendance at the concert was very poor. 那次音乐会的上座率极低. * the party's poor performance in the election 该党在选举中的拙劣表现. (b) of low quality; deficient 劣质的; 不足的: poor food, light, soil 劣质食品﹑ 微弱的光线﹑ 贫瘠的土壤 * a poor diet 粗劣的日常饮食 * be in poor health 健康欠佳 * Her remarks were in very poor taste. 她的话真没意思. (c) inferior; insignificant 差的; 无关紧要的: Watching the event on television was a poor substitute for actually being there. 从电视上观看那个比赛比现场观看可差远了. * Getting third prize was poor consolation for all their hard work. 他们那麽努力才获得三等奖, 真有点说不过去. * She came a poor second, ie a long way behind the winner. 她得了个第二名, 成绩很差(远远落在第一名的後面). (d) (of a person) not good or skilled at sth (指人)在某方面不好的, 对某事物不熟练的: a poor judge of character 对品性判断不准 * a poor loser, ie one who shows anger at losing in games or sport 输不起的人(输了就生气的人) * a poor sailor, ie sb who gets sea-sick easily 容易晕船的人.
(esp infml 尤作口语) deserving pity or sympathy; unfortunate 值得怜悯或同情的; 可怜的; 不幸的: The poor little puppy had been abandoned. 那可怜的小狗被人遗弃了. * Poor chap, his wife has just died. 不幸的小伙子啊, 他刚刚死了妻子. * `I've been feeling ill for two weeks.' `Poor you!' ‘两周以来我身体一直不好.’‘真叫人同情!’
(a) (derog 贬) deserving contempt 可鄙的: What a poor creature he is! 他真卑鄙! * his poor attempts to be witty 他那卑劣的取巧行为. (b) (esp joc or ironic 尤作戏谑语或反语) humble 谦恭的: in my poor opinion 依本人拙见.
(idm 习语) the poor
man's sb/sth person or thing that is an inferior or a cheaper alternative to a well-known person, institution, food, etc 降而求其次的人或事物: Sparkling white wine is the poor man's champagne. 白葡萄汽酒算是廉价的香槟. a poor relation person or thing with less power, prestige or respect than others of the same type 较同类逊色的人或事物: Some people may regard radio as the poor relation of broadcasting. 有些人可能认为无线电广播在广播事业中稍逊一筹.
> the poor n [pl v]
1 people with little money or possessions 穷人: raising money for the poor and needy 为穷苦人筹款.
2 (idm 习语) grind the faces of the poor => grind.
# `poor-box n (esp formerly) box placed in a church, in which people may put gifts of money for the poor (尤指旧时)(教堂中募集济贫款的)慈善箱.
`Poor Law (Brit) (formerly) group of laws concerned with giving help and care to poor people (旧时)济贫法.
,poor-`spirited adj lacking courage; timid 缺乏勇气的; 胆小的.
,poor `white (usu derog or offensive 通常作贬义或作轻蔑语) (esp in Southern US) member of a class of poor white-skinned people in a mainly Black community (尤指美国南方以黑人为主的社区中的)贫苦白人.