/ pE5lItIkl; pE`lItIkl/ adj
of the State; of government; of public affairs in general 政治的; 国家的; 政府的; 政权的; 行政的: political rights, liberties, etc 政治的权利﹑ 自由等 * a political system 政治制度.
of the conflict or rivalry between two or more parties 政党的; 党派的; 党派斗争的: a political party, debate, crisis 政党﹑ 政治论战﹑ 政治危机 * political skill, know-how, opinions 为政之术﹑ 为政之道﹑ 政见 * a party political broadcast, eg to explain government policy 党的施政广播(如阐述政府的政策)
(of actions) considered to be harmful to the State or government (指行为)被认为有害於国家或政府的: a political offence, crime, etc 政治上的违法行为﹑ 政治罪 * imprisoned on political grounds 由於政治原因而被监禁.
(of people) interested in or active in politics (指人)关心政治的, 政治上活跃的: sb who is very political (in outlook) 颇有政治头脑的人 * I'm not a political animal, ie person. 我不是搞政治的.
(euph derog 婉, 贬) concerned with power, status, etc within an organization rather than with the true merits of a case 互相倾轧的; 实际上与权位等利益有关的: One suspects he was dismissed for political reasons. 有人 怀疑他是由於人事上的原因而被解职的. * It must have been a political decision. 这一决定准是和互相倾轧有关.
> politically / -klI; -klI/ adv with regard to politics 政治上: a politically active, astute, nave, etc person 政治上很活跃﹑ 很精明﹑ 很幼稚...的人 * politically useful, sound, disastrous, etc ideas 政治上有好处﹑ 没问题﹑ 祸害无穷等的意见 * a politically sensitive decision 政治上很敏感的决定.
# po,litical a`sylum protection given by a state to sb who has left his own country because he opposes its government (某国给予他国之流亡人士的)政治庇护: seek/ask for/be granted political asylum 寻求[申请/获得]政治庇护.
po,litical ge`ography geography dealing with boundaries,communications, etc between countries 政治地理学(研究国与国之间的边界﹑ 地域交往等).
po,litical `prisoner person who is imprisoned because he or she opposes the (system of) government 政治犯(因反对政府或其政治制度而遭关押者).
po,litical `science (also politics) academic study of government and political institutions 政治学.