1 / pEUk; pok/ v
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (with sth) push sb/sth sharply (with a stick, one's finger, etc); jab sb/sth (用棍棒﹑ 手指等)捅﹑ 拨或戳某人[某物]: poke sb in the ribs, ie nudge him in a friendly way 轻触某人肋部(促其注意) * poke the fire (with a poker), ie to make it burn more strongly 用通条捅火(使之更旺). (b) [Tn.pr] ~ sth in sth make (a hole) in sth by pushing one's finger, a sharp instrument, etc through it (用手指﹑ 尖物等)在某物上扎(洞): Poke two holes in the sack so you can see through it. 在袋子上戳两个洞就能透过它看了. (c) [Ipr] ~ at sth make repeated small pushing movements at sth 反覆轻推某物: She poked at her meal unenthusiastically. 她无精打采地拨弄着盘中的饭菜.
[Tn.pr, Tn.p] put or move sth in a specified direction, with a sharp push; thrust 猛推某物; 插; 刺: She poked her finger into the hole. 她把手指插入那孔中. * poke food through the bars of a cage 把食物从笼子的栏杆间塞进去 * poke one's head out of a window 把头伸出窗外 * Mind you don't poke her eye out with that stick! 小心别让那杆子扎着她的眼睛! * He poked his head round the door to see if she was in the room. 他在门口探一下头, 看她是否在屋里. =>Usage at nudge 用法见nudge.
(idm 习语) poke `fun at sb/sth (usu derog 通常作贬义) make fun of sb/sth; mock or ridicule sb/sth 开某人[某事物]的玩笑; 嘲弄或嘲笑某人[某事物]: He enjoys poking fun at others. 他好开别人的玩笑. poke/stick one's nose into sth => nose1.
(phr v) poke about/around (infml 口) search inquisitively 好奇地寻找或打听: Why are you poking about among my papers? 你为什麽乱翻我的文件? poke out of/through sth; poke out/through/up be visible coming through (a hole, slit, etc); protrude (从洞﹑ 缝等中)呈现, 显露; 伸出: a pen poking out (of sb's pocket) (从某人口袋中)露出的钢笔 * I see a finger poking through (a hole in your glove). 我看见你的手指(从你手套的窟窿里)露出来了. * A few daffodils were already poking up, ie starting to grow. 有几棵水仙花已经开始抽芽.
> poke n act of poking; nudge 捅; 拨; 戳; 刺; 轻触: give the fire a poke 拨一拨火 * give sb a poke in the ribs 捅某人肋部一下.