/ plQndV; plQndV/ v
[Ipr, Ip, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ (sth) into sth; ~ (sth) in (a) (cause sth to) fall into sth suddenly and with force (使某物)突然而猛力投入﹑ 穿入﹑ 进入等: plunge (one's hand) into cold water (把手)一下子伸进冷水中 * They plunged in, ie dived intothe water. 他们跳进了水中. * plunge a rod into a blockeddrain to clear it 用棍通下水道使之畅通. (b) (cause sth to) enter a specified state or condition (使某事物)进入或陷入某状态: The country (was) plunged into civil war after the death of the President. 总统死後全国陷入了内战. * The news plunged us into despair. 我们听到那消息後就陷入了绝望. * events which plunged the world into war 把世界推入战争的事件 * Their extravagant life-style plunged them into debt. 他们生活方式奢侈, 背上了很多债.
(a) [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (cause sb/sth to) move suddenly forwards and/or downwards (使某人[某物])突然前移或跌落: The horse plunged and she fell off. 马一个前失, 把她摔了下来. * Share prices plunged as a result of the gloomy economic forecast. 该项预测展望经济前景暗淡, 因而股票价格大跌. * The car plunged over the cliff. 汽车冲下了悬崖. * The sudden jolt plunged her forward. 突然颠了一下, 她向前打了个趔趄. (b) [I] (of a ship) move with the bows going violently up and down in the water (指船)剧烈颠簸.
> plunge n
1 (a) [C esp sing 尤作单数] plunging movement, esp a steep fall (向前或向下的)冲, 投, 落; (尤指)骤降, 猛跌: a plunge into debt, chaos 背债﹑ 陷入混乱. (b) [C] act of diving or bathing in water 跳水; 游泳: a plunge into the sea from the rocks 从岩石上跳入海中 * a refreshing plunge in the lake 在湖中游泳焕发精神.
2 (idm 习语) take the `plunge take a bold decisive step, esp after thinking about it for some time 采取大胆果断措施(尤指曾经一番考虑): They have finally decided to take the plunge and get married. 他们最後毅然决定结婚.
plunger n 1 part of a mechanism that moves up and down 柱塞; 活塞.
(in plumbing) rubber cup fixed on a handle, used for clearing a blocked pipe by means of suction (疏通管道的)搋子.