/ pli:; pli/ n
(fml 文) ~ (for sth) earnest request; appeal 恳求; 请求: a plea for forgiveness, money, more time 恳求原谅﹑ 给予金钱﹑ 多给些时间 * He was deaf to (ie refused to listen to) her pleas. 他对她的请求充耳不闻.
(law 律) statement made by or for a person charged with an offence in court (法庭中被告一方的)抗辩, 答辩, 辩护: enter a plea of guilty/not guilty 承认有罪[不承认有罪].
(idm 习语) on the plea of sth/that... (fml 文) giving sth as the reason or excuse for not doing sth or for having done sth wrong (为未做某事或做错某事而作的)辩解, 托词, 藉口: withdraw on the plea of ill health 藉口健康不佳而退出 * He refused to contribute, on the plea that he couldn't afford it. 他藉口无能为力拒不捐献.