3 / pItF; pItF/ n
[C] (sport 体) (a) (in cricket) part of the ground between the wickets (板球的)球场. =>illus at cricket 见cricket插图. (b) (in football, hockey,etc) area of ground marked out for a game; sports ground or field (足球﹑ 曲棍球等的)球场. =>illus at Association football (association) 见Association football (association)插图.
[C] (a) act or process of throwing sth; toss 投; 掷; 扔; 抛. (b) (in cricket) way in which the ball is bowled (板球的)投球: a full pitch, ie a bowled ball that does not bounce before reaching the batsman 全场球(投出的球直至击球员, 中间不落地). (c) (in baseball) act or manner of throwing the ball (棒球的)投球.
[U] (a) degree of highness or lowness of a musical note or a voice (音符或嗓音的)高度; 音高: give the pitch 定出音高 * have absolute/perfect pitch, ie the ability to recognize or reproduce the pitch of a note 有绝对[完全]音高感(对一乐音音高的识别力或演唱﹑ 演奏的能力). (b) quality of a sound in music 音质.
[sing] degree or intensity of sth 程度; 强度: Speculation has reached such a pitch that a decision will have to be made immediately. 这种胡乱猜测甚嚣尘上, 已经到了必须立即解决的程度了.
[U] ~ of sth highest point of sth 最高点: the pitch of perfection 完美的顶点.
[U] movement of a ship up and down on the water (船的)颠簸. Cf 参看 roll1 3.
[U] degree of slope (esp of a roof) 倾斜度(尤指屋顶的).
[C] (esp Brit) place where a street trader usu does business or a street entertainer usu performs (街头的)商贩摊位, 艺人表演场地.
[C] (also `sales pitch) persuasive talk or arguments used by a salesman to sell things 推销员唱的高调: a clever sales pitch 动听的推销员高调.
(idm 习语) at concert pitch => concert. at/to fever pitch => fever. queer sb's pitch => queer v.