/ 9paIE5nIE(r); 9paIE`nIr/ n
(a) person who is among the first to go into an area or country to settle or work there 拓荒者; 开发者: land cleared by the pioneers 拓荒者开垦的土地 * [attrib 作定语] pioneer wagons 拓荒者的四轮大车. (b) person who goes into previously unknown regions; explorer 探险者: pioneers in space 探索宇宙空间的人.
person who is the first to study a new area of knowledge 探索新知识领域的人: They were pioneers in the field of microsurgery. 他们是显微外科学领域的创始人. * [attrib 作定语] pioneer work 探索新知识领域的工作.
any one of a group of soldiers who go into an area in advance of an army to clear paths, make roads, etc 工兵.
> pioneer v
1 [I] act as a pioneer(1a) 当拓荒者; 当开发者.
2 [Tn] open up (a way, etc) 开辟(道路等): pioneer a new route to the coast 开辟通往海岸的新路线.
3 [Tn] be the first person to develop (new methods); help the early development of (sth) 倡导(新方法); 促进(某事物)的初期发展: She pioneered the use of the drug. 是她最先使用的这种药品.