2 / pIn; pIn/ v (-nn-)
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth to sth; ~ sth (together) attach sth with a pin or pins用针﹑ 别针等固定﹑ 钉住或别住某物: Be careful when you try on the dress it's only pinned. 试穿这件连衣裙要小心--只是用针别住的. * a note pinned to the document 别在文件上的便条 * Pin the bills together so you don't lose them. 把帐单别在一起以防遗失. * (fig 比喻) They held him with his arms pinned to his side. 他们抓住了他, 把他的胳膊按在肋部.
[Tn.pr] ~ sth on sb attach or fix sth to sb 将某事物附加在某人身上: We're pinning all our hopes on you, ie relying on you completely. 我们把希望完全寄托在你身上了.
(phr v) pin sb/sth against/under sth make it impossible for sb to move/sth to be moved 使某人[某物]不能动: They pinned him against the wall. 他们把他按在墙上使他不能动弹. * She was pinned under the wreckage of the car. 撞毁的汽车把她压在下面动弹不得. * The car was pinned under a fallen tree. 汽车被倒下的树压住了. pin sth back/down/up fasten sth with pins in the position specified 用针或别针等将某物固定在某处: pin up a notice on the board, ie with drawing-pins 用图钉把通知按在布告板上. pin sb down (a) make sb unable to move, esp by holding him firmly 使某人不能动(尤指捉住或抱住): He was pinned down by his attackers. 袭击他的人把他按住了. (b) make sb be specific or declare his intentions clearly 使某人具体或确切说明意图: She's a difficult person to pin down. 她这人行事﹑ 说话没个准儿. pin sb down (to sth/doing sth) make sb agree (to sth) 使某人同意(某事): I managed to pin him down to meeting us after work. 我设法让他同意下班後和我们见面了. * You'll find it difficult to pin him down to (naming) a price. 到时候你就知道了很难让他说出个准价. pin sth down define sth exactly 明确说明或确定某事物: There's something wrong with this colour scheme but I can't quite pin it down. 这种颜色搭配不太合适, 可是我也说不清楚怎麽不合适. pin sth on sb make sb seem responsible or take the blame for sth 使某人似应对某事负责; 将责任推到某人身上: The bank manager was really to blame, though he tried to pin it on a clerk. 真正受责备的应该是银行经理, 可是他却想把责任推到一个职员身上.
# `pin-up n (infml 口) (a) picture of an attractive or famous person, eg a film star, for pinning on a wall (可钉在墙上的漂亮的或有名的人的)画像, 照片(如影星的): [attrib 作定语] a pin-up pose 海报中名人的姿势. (b) person portrayed in such a picture (可钉在墙上的)画像或照片中的人.