/ 5pIlEU; `pIlo/ n (a) cushion used to support the head, esp in bed 枕头: sit in bed propped up with pillows 靠着枕头坐在床上. (b) anything on which one rests one's head when sleeping 睡觉时枕着的任何物件: He was found asleep on a pillow of leaves and moss. 有人看见他枕着树叶和苔藓睡着了.
> pillow v [Tn] rest or support (sth) on or as if on a pillow 将(某物)放在枕头等物上; 以枕头等支撑(某物): He pillowed his head on her lap. 他把头枕在她的大腿上.
# `pillowcase (also `pillowslip) n removable washablecover made of cotton, linen, etc for a pillow 枕套.
`pillow-fight n mock fight between children using pillows as weapons 儿童用枕头打闹的游戏.