/ feIz; fez/ n
[C] stage in a process of change or development 阶段; 时期: a phase of history 历史的一个阶段 * a critical phase of an illness 疾病的危险期 * the most exciting phase of one's career 事业上最得意的时期 * The child is going through a difficult phase. 那孩子正经历着困难的阶段. * (infml 口) It's just a phase (she's going through), eg in childhood or adolescence. 就是(她正在经历的)那麽一个阶段(如处於儿童时期或青春期).
[C] amount of the bright surface of the moon that is visible at a given time (new moon, full moon, etc) (月球的)位相, 消长盈亏(新月﹑ 满月等): the phases of the moon 月相.
(idm 习语) in/out of phase being/not being in the same state at the same time 同相[异相]; 同步[不同步]; 协调[不协调]: The two sets of traffic lights were out of phase (ie did not show the same change at the same time) and several accidents occurred. 那两组交通灯不同步因而发生了几起事故.
> phase v
1 [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] plan or carry out sth in stages 按阶段计画或进行某事: The modernization of the industry was phased over a 20-year period. 工业现代化分20年逐步实现. * a phased withdrawal of troops 分阶段撤军.
2 (phr v) phase sth in introduce sth gradually or in stages 逐步或分阶段引进某事物: The use of lead-free petrol is now being phased in. 无铅汽油的应用现正逐步推广. phase sth out withdraw or discontinue sth gradually or in stages 逐步或分阶段撤出或中止某事物: The old currency will have been phased out by 1990. 旧币分阶段至1990年将全部禁止流通.