/ 5p\:sEnl; `p[snl/ adj
[attrib 作定语] of or belonging to a particular person rather than a group or an organization 个人的: one's personal affairs, beliefs 私事﹑ 个人信仰 * a car for your personal use only 仅供你个人用的汽车 * She made a personal donation to the fund. 她以个人名义向基金会捐款. * give sth the personal touch, ie make it individual or original 使某事物带有个人色彩.
not of one's public or professional life; private 私人的: a letter marked `Personal' 注明‘亲收’字样的信件 * Please leave us alone we have something personal to discuss. 请让我们单独在一起--我们有点私事要谈. * His personal life is a mystery to his colleagues. 他的同事认为他的私生活是个谜.
[attrib 作定语] done or made by a particular person 本人所做的: The Prime Minister made a personal appearance at the meeting. 首相亲临会议. * I shall give the matter my personal attention. 我将亲自过问此事.
[attrib 作定语] done or made for a particular person 为某个人所做的: We offer a personal service to our customers. 我们为 顾客提供个人服务. * Will you do it for me as a personalfavour? 请你帮我个人一个忙行吗? * a personal account,ie a bank or building society account in a person's name (银行或房屋建筑协会的)个人帐户.
critical of a person's faults 人身攻击: The argument was becoming too personal. 那场争论已演变成过分的人身攻击了. * Try to avoid making personal comments. 尽量避免人身攻击.
[attrib 作定语] of the body 人身的; 身体的: personal cleanliness, freshness, hygiene, etc 身体的清洁卫生﹑ 活力﹑ 卫生等.
> personally / -EnElI; -nlI/ adv
1 not represented by another; in person 亲身; 亲自: She presented the prizes personally. 她亲自颁奖. * The plans were personally inspected by the minister. 这计画经部长亲自审阅过.
2 as a person 作为个人; 就个人而论: I don't know him personally, but I've read his books. 我对他个人并不了解, 但我看过他的书.
3 (often at the beginning of a statement, followed by a comma 常用於一句话的开始, 後有逗号) as far as I am concerned; for myself 就我来说; 就自己而言: Personally, I don't like him at all. 就我而言, 我一点都不喜欢他. * Personally speaking/Speakingpersonally, I'm in favour of the scheme. 就本人而言, 我赞成这个计画. =>Usage at hopeful 用法见hopeful.
4 (idm 习语) take sth `personally be offended by sth为某事所触怒: I'm afraid he took your remarks personally.我看他对你的话很不高兴.
# ,personal as`sistant (abbr 缩写 PA) secretary who assists an official or a manager 私人秘书; 私人助理.
`personal column column in a newspaper or some other periodical for private messages or short advertisements 个人启事栏; 私人广告栏.
,personal `pronoun (grammar) any of the pronouns 人称代词 I, me, she, her, he, him, we, us, you, they, them, etc.
,personal `property (also ,personal e`state) (law 律) property owned by a person, except land or income from land, that passes to his heir 动产. Cf 参看 real estate (real1).