/ pE5sIst; pL`sIst/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (in sth/in doing sth) continue to do sth, esp in an obstinate and determined way and in spite of opposition, argument or failure 坚持; 执意: If you persist, you will annoy them even more. 你若固执, 他们就更恼火了. * He will persist in riding that dreadful bicycle. 他执意要骑那辆破自行车. * She persists in the belief/in believing that she is being persecuted. 她认定自己受到了迫害.
[Ipr] ~ with sth continue doing sth in spite of difficulties 不畏困难继续做某事: They persisted with the agricultural reforms, despite opposition from the farmers. 他们不顾农民反对, 仍继续进行农业改革.
[I] continue to exist 持续; 存留: Fog will persist throughout the night. 雾将整夜不散. * Loyalty to the former king still persists in parts of the country. 该国一些地方仍有人忠於前国王.
> persistence / -Ens; -Ens/ n [U] (a) being persistent坚持不懈; 执意; 持续; 存留: His persistence was rewardedwhen they finally agreed to resume discussions. 他们终於同意继续谈判, 这是他坚持不懈的结果. (b) continuing existence 继续存在: The doctor couldn't explain the persistence of the high temperature. 医生无法解释高烧何以持久不退.
persistent / -Ent; -Ent/ adj
1 refusing to give up 坚持的; 不屈不挠的: She eventually married the most persistentof her admirers. 她终於嫁给了最执着追求她的人.
2 (a) continuing without interruption 持续不断的; 不间断的: [attrib 作定语] persistent noise, rain, pain 持续的噪音﹑ 雨水﹑ 疼痛 * persistent questioning 无休止的讯问. (b) occurring frequently 反覆出现的; 一再发生的: [attrib 作定语] persistent attacks of coughing 咳嗽的频繁发作 * Despite persistent denials, the rumour continued tospread. 尽管一再否认, 谣言还是不胫而走. persistentlyadv.