/ 5peznt; `pZznt/ n
(in the rural areas of some countries) farmer owning or renting a (usu small) piece of land which he cultivates himself (某些国家的)农民(自己有或租有通常为小片土地的耕作者): [attrib 作定语] peasant farming 农作.
(formerly) poor agriculturalworker (旧时)贫穷的雇农.
(infml derog 口, 贬) person with rough unrefined manners 举止粗鲁的人: He's an absolute peasant. 他是个大老粗.
> peasantry / 5pezntrI; `pZzntrI/ n [Gp] (a) all the peasants (of a country) (一国的)农民. (b) peasants as a social group or class 农民阶级.