/ pE5trEUl; pE`trol/ v (-ll-) [I, Tn] go round (a town, an area, etc) to check that all is secure and orderly or to look for wrongdoers, an enemy or people who need help 在(某城﹑ 地带等)巡逻; 巡查: The army regularly patrol (along) the border. 军队按时沿边界巡逻. * Police patrol the streets at night. 警察晚间在街道上巡逻.
> patrol n
action of patrolling 巡逻; 巡查: carry out a patrol 执行巡逻任务 * The army make hourly patrols of the area. 军队在该地带每小时巡逻一次. * The navy are maintaining a 24-hour air and sea patrol, eg in order to find survivors from a ship that has sunk. 海军正在进行24小时海空巡逻(如寻找遇难船只上的幸存者).
person, group of people, vehicle, ship or aircraft that patrols an area 巡逻者; 巡逻队; 巡逻车; 巡逻艇; 巡逻机: a naval, army, police patrol 海军﹑ 陆军﹑ 警察的巡逻人员 * [attrib 作定语] a police pa`trol car 警察巡逻车.
group of (usu) 6 members of a Scout troop or a Girl Guide company 童子军小队(通常为6人).
(idm 习语) on patrol patrolling a particular area 在巡逻中: Terrorists attacked two soldiers on patrol. 恐怖分子袭击了两名正在巡逻的士兵.
# pa`trolman / -mEn; -mEn/ n (pl -men / -mEn; -mEn/)
1 person employed by a motorists' organization to patrol roads and help motorists who are in difficulty (汽车协会的)公路巡查员(帮助遇到困难的司机).
2 (US) policeman who patrols a particular area 巡警.
pa`trol wagon (US) = Black Maria (black1).