/ 5peIFns; `peFEns/ n [U]
~ (with sb/sth) ability to accept delay, annoyance or suffering without complaining 耐性; 忍耐力; 耐心: I warn you, I'm beginning to lose (my) patience (with you), ie become impatient. 我警告你, 我(对你)已经渐渐失去耐性了. * After three hours of waiting for the train, our patience was finally exhausted. 我们等了三个小时的火车, 最後再也没有耐性了. * She has no patience with (ie cannot tolerate) people who are always grumbling. 她腻烦那些总发牢骚的人. * (saying 谚) Patience is a virtue. 忍耐是美德.
~ (for sth/to do sth) ability to persevere with sth; perseverance 坚忍; 坚持; 毅力: Learning to walk again after his accident required great patience. 他出事後重新学习走路要有极大的毅力. * She hasn't the patience to do embroidery. 她没有做剌绣的常性.
(Brit) (US solitaire) type of card-game, usu for one player 一种纸牌戏(通常为单人玩的).
(idm 习语) the ,patience of `Job very great patience(1) 极大的耐性: His behaviour would try (ie test) the patience of Job. 无论耐性多大的人也无法忍受他的行为.