2 / 5pAtnt, also 5peItnt; [email protected] 5pAtnt; `pAtnt/ n
(a) official document giving the holder the sole right to make, use or sell an invention and preventing others from imitating it 许可证; 特许状; 专利证书: take out (ie obtain) a patent to protect an invention 取得专利证书以保护一项发明 * patent applied for, eg marked on goods not yet protected by patent 已申请专利(如标在尚未获专利保护产品上的字样). (b) right granted by this 专利权.
invention or process that is protected by a patent 专利发明; 专利方法: It's my patent. 那是我的专利发明.
> patent adj
1 [attrib 作定语] (of an invention, a product, etc) protected by or having a patent (指发明﹑ 产品等)有专利的, 受专利权保护的.
2 [attrib 作定语] made and sold by a particular firm 专利生产的; 专利经销的: patent drugs, medicines, etc 专利药物等 * (joc 谑) his patent (ie personal) remedy for hangovers 他私有的治宿醉偏方.
patent v [Tn] obtain a patent for (an invention or process) 取得(某项发明或方法的)专利权.
patentee / 9peItn5ti:; [email protected] 9pAtn-; 9pAtn`ti/ n person who obtains or holds a patent 专利权人.
# patent `leather leather with a hard shiny surface, used for shoes and handbags 漆皮.
`patent office government department that issues patents 专利局.