1 / pAt; pAt/ adv
at once and without hesitation 立刻而不犹豫地: Her answer came pat. 她回答得很乾脆.
(idm 习语) have/know sth off `pat have memorized or know sth perfectly 对某事物记得或了解得很清楚: He had all the answers off pat. 他把所有答案都记得很清楚. * She knows the rules off pat. 她对规则了如指掌. stand pat (esp US) refuse to change a decision one has made, an opinion one holds, etc 坚持自己的决定﹑ 意见等.
> pat adj
1 exactly right; appropriate 恰好的; 适当的; 适时的.
2 (derog 贬) too quick; glib 过於快的; 伶牙俐齿的; 油嘴滑舌的: It's a complex question and her answer was too pat. 那问题很复杂, 但她的回答简直是脱口而出.