/ 5pB:Fl; `pBrFEl/ adj
of or forming a part; not complete 部分的; 不完全的: a partial recovery, eg after an illness 部分复原 * Our holiday was only a partial success. 我们的假日过得只能说是差强人意. * a partial eclipse of the sun 日偏食.
[usu pred 通常作表语] ~ (towards sb/sth) showing too much favour to one person or side; biased 偏心; 偏向; 偏袒: The referee was accused of being partial (towards the home team). 裁判受指责(对本地队)偏心. Cf 参看 impartial.
[pred 作表语] ~ to sb/sth having a strong liking for sb/sth 偏爱某人[某事物]的: He's (rather) partial to a glass of brandyafter dinner. 他(很)爱饭後喝一杯白兰地.
> partiality / 9pB:FI5AlEtI; 9pBrFI`AlEtI/ n
1 [U] ~ (towards sb/sth) being partial(2); bias; favouritism 偏向; 偏见; 偏袒: He judged the case without partiality. 他判决该案十分公正.
2 [C] ~ for sb/sth liking or fondness for sb/sth 偏爱﹑ 爱好某人[某事物]: She has a partiality for French cheese. 她偏爱法国乾酪.
partially / 5pB:FElI; `pBrFElI/ adv 1 not completely; partly 不完全地; 部分地: He is partially paralysed. 他身体有一部分瘫痪了. 2 in a partial(2) manner 偏心地; 偏向地; 偏袒地.