/ 5pAlIs; `pAlIs/ n
official home of a sovereign, an archbishop or a bishop 宫殿; 皇宫; (大主教的)宅第: Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫 * The palace (ie A spokesman for the king, queen, etc) has just issued a statement. 王宫发言人刚宣布了一项声明. * [attrib 作定语] a palace spokesman 王宫发言人.
any large splendid house 豪华住宅: Compared to ours their house is a palace. 他们的房子和我们的相比简直太豪华了.
# ,palace revo`lution overthrow of a monarch, president, etc by people in positions of power working closely with him 宫廷革命.