/ pAl; pAl/ n (infml 口)
friend 朋友: We've been pals for years. 我们是多年的朋友.
(sometimes ironic 有时作反语) (used as a form of address 用作称呼语) man; fellow 老兄; 老弟; 兄弟: Now look here, pal, you're asking for trouble! 我说, 兄弟, 你是自找麻烦哪!
> pal v (-ll-) (phr v) pal up (with sb) (infml 口) become friendly (with sb) (与某人)结交, 为友.
pally / 5pAlI; `pAlI/ adj ~ (with sb) (infml 口) friendly 友好的: She's become very pally with the boss/They've become very pally (with each other). 她和老板关系非常好了[他们(彼此)非常要好了].