/ 9EUvE5welm; [email protected] -5hwelm; 9ovL`hwZlm/ v [Tn usu passive 通常用於被动语态] (a) cover (sth/sb) completely by flowing over or pouring down on it/him; submerge suddenly (以浇或灌的方式)淹没(某物[某人]); 使突然没入或浸入: overwhelmed by a flood 被洪水淹没的 * A great mass of water overwhelmed the village. 大水淹没了村庄. * (fig 比喻) be overwhelmed with grief, sorrow, despair, etc 陷入悲哀﹑ 悲痛﹑ 绝望等之中 * (fig 比喻) Overwhelmed with gratitude, he fell to his knees. 他感激万分, 跪倒地上. (b) overpower (sb/sth), esp by force of numbers; defeat 压倒, 制服(某人[某事物])(尤指以数量胜); 击败: be overwhelmed by the enemy/by superior forces 被敌军[优势兵力]击溃.
>overwhelming adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] too great to resist or overcome; very great 压倒一切的; 势不可挡的; 无法抗拒的; 巨大的: an overwhelming urge to smoke 不可遏止的吸烟冲动 * an overwhelming victory 极大的胜利 * the overwhelming majority of people, ie themajority by a great number 压倒性多数. overwhelminglyadv: overwhelmingly successful, generous 极为成功﹑ 慷慨.