/ 9aUt5stAndIN; `aJt`stAndIN/ adj
exceptionally good; excellent 杰出的; 优秀的: an outstanding student, piece of work, performance 优秀的学生﹑ 作品﹑ 表演.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] in a position to be easily noticed; conspicuous 地位显着的; 为人瞩目 的; 突出的: the outstanding features of the landscape 景色的显着特点 * an outstanding landmark 突出的地面标志.
(of payment, work, problems, etc) not yet paid, done, resolved, etc (指报酬﹑ 工作﹑ 问题等)未偿付的, 未完成的, 未解决的: outstanding debts 未偿清的债务 * A good deal of work is still outstanding. 不少工作尚未完成.
> outstandingly adv exceptionally 非常: outstandinglygood 非常好的 * play outstandingly (well) 演得非常好.