/ 9aUt5saIdE(r); aJt`saIdL/ n
person who is not (or is not accepted as) a member of a society, group, etc 外人; 局外人; 组织之外的人: Although she's lived there for ten years, the villagers still treat her as an outsider. 她虽然在那儿住了十年, 村里人仍视她如外人. * Women feel like outsiders in that club. 女子在那个俱乐部里感觉是外人.
competitor thought to have little chance of winning a race or contest 不大可能获胜的竞争者: That horse is a complete outsider; I wouldn't waste your money on it. 那匹马绝无获胜可能, 我要是你可不把钱压在它身上. * Amazingly, the job went to a rank outsider. 真怪, 那工作竟然交给了一个万万想不到的人.