/ 5aUtpUt; `aJt9pJt/ n [sing]
quantity of goods, etc produced (by a machine, worker, etc) (机器﹑ 工人等的)产量: The average output of the factory is 20 cars a day. 该工厂的平均产量是每天20辆汽车. * We must increase our output to meet demand. 我们必须提高产量以满足需求. * the literary output of the year, ie all the books, etc published in a year 一年的出版物数量.
power, energy, etc produced (by a generator, etc) (发电机等的)输出功率: an output of 100 watts 功率100瓦.
(computing 计) information produced from a computer (信息的)输出. Cf 参看 input 3.
> output v (-tt-; pt, pp output or outputted) [Tn] (computing 计) supply (information, results, etc) 输出(信息﹑ 结果等). Cf 参看 input v.
# `output device machine by which information is received from a computer 输出设备.