/ 5aUtlaIn; `aJt9laIn/ n
line(s) showing the shape or outer edge (of sth) 轮廓; 外形: She could see only the outline(s) of the trees in the dim light. 朦胧中她只看见树木的轮廓. * [attrib 作定语] He drew an outline map of Italy. 他画了一张意大利的略图.
statement of the main facts or points 要点; 大纲; 纲要: an outline for an essay, a lecture, etc 文章﹑ 讲演等的要点 * an outline of European History, eg as the title of a book which summarizes the most important historical events, etc 欧洲历史纲要.
(idm 习语) in `outline giving only the main points 扼要地: describe a plan in (broad) outline 概述一计画.
> outline v [Tn]
1 draw or mark the outer edge of (sth) 画出或标出(某物)的轮廓﹑ 外形: He outlined the triangle in red. 他用红笔画出三角形.
2 give a short general description of (sth) 概述(某事物): We outlined our main objections to the proposal. 我们扼要地说明了反对该建议的意见.