/ 5aUtlet; `aJt9lZt/ n
~ (for sth) way out (for water, steam, etc) (水蒸汽等的)出口, 出路, 排放孔: an outlet for water 排水孔 * the outlet of a lake 湖的出水口 * [attrib 作定语] an outlet valve 排气阀.
~ (for sth) (fig 比喻) means of releasing (energy, strong feelings, etc) (精力﹑ 强烈情感等的)发泄的出路: Children need an outlet for their energy. 儿童的精力需要发泄出来. * He needs an outlet for all that pent-up anger. 他那积愤需要有机会倾吐.
(commerce 商) shop, etc that sells goods made by a particular company 经销店: This cosmetics firm has 34 outlets in Britain. 这家化妆品公司在英国有34个经销店.