/ 5aUtfIt; `aJt9fIt/ n
[C] all the equipment or articles needed for a particular purpose; kit 全套装备; 全套工具; 全部用品: a complete car repair outfit 修理汽车用的整套工具.
[C] set of clothes worn together (esp for a particular occasion or purpose) 一套衣服(尤指用於某场合的): a white tennis outfit 一套白色网球装 * She bought a new outfit for her daughter's wedding. 她为女儿买了一套婚礼新装.
[CGp] (infml 口) group of people working together; organization (协同工作的)集体, 组织: a small publishing outfit 小型出版单位.
> outfitter n supplier of equipment or of men's or children's clothes (设备﹑ 男服或童服的)供应商, 商店: He bought a jacket at the gentleman's outfitters. 他在那间男服店买了一件甲克. * They are the official school outfitters. 他们是指定的校服供应商.