/ 5R:bIt; `RrbIt/ n
(a) path followed by a planet, star, moon, etc round another body (天体运行的)轨道: the earth's orbit round the sun 地球绕行太阳的轨道. (b) path of a man-made object, eg a satellite or space-craft, round a planet, star, etc (人造物体如卫星﹑ 航天器等飞行的)轨道: The spacecraft is in orbit (ie moving in orbit) round the moon. 该航天器在绕月球轨道上飞行. * How many satellites have been put into orbit round the earth? 有多少颗人造卫星已送入绕地球轨道?
area of power or influence; scope 势力范围: Marketing does not come within the orbit of his department. 市场推销业务不归他这一部门管.
> orbit v [I, Tn] move in orbit round (sth) 在绕(某 物)的轨道上运行; 环绕轨道运行: orbit in space 在太空中沿轨道运行 * How many spacecraft have orbited the moon? 有多少航天器绕月球轨道运行?
orbital / 5R:bItl; `RrbItl/ adj of an orbit (星体的或人造飞行物体的)轨道的; 势力范围的: a spacecraft's orbital distance from the earth 航天器的远地轨道距离 * an orbital motorway, ie round the outside of a city 外环高速公路. -- n road passing round the outside of a city (城市的)外环路: Take the London orbital. 走伦敦外环路.