2 / 5EUnlI; `onlI/ adv
(modifies a word or phrase and is placed close to it in written or formal spoken style; in informal speech, stress may show which word, etc is modified, so that only may have various positions 可修饰一词或词组, 在书面语或正式演说体中only的位置应接近所修饰的词语; 在口语中因可用重音表明所修饰的词语, 故only的位置不拘) and no one or nothing else; solely 只; 仅; 仅仅: I only saw `Mary, ie I saw Mary and no one else. 我只看见玛丽了(没看见其他人). * (fml 文) I saw only Mary. 我仅见到玛丽. * I only `saw Mary, ie I saw her but I didn't speak to her. 我只是看见玛丽了(但没有跟她说话). * Only `members may use the bar. 只有会员才可使用这酒吧. * Only `five people were hurt in the accident; the rest were uninjured. 事故中仅五人受伤, 其余皆无恙. * He only lives just round the `corner. 他就住在附近. * We only waited a few `minutes but it seemed like hours. 我们只等了几分钟, 但觉得像几小时. * Women only, eg on a sign or poster 女子专用 * We can only guess (ie We cannot be certain about) what happened. 我们只能猜测发生了什麽事.
(idm 习语) for X's eyes only => eye1. if only => if. not only...but also both...and 不但...而且...: He not only read the book, but also remembered what he read. 他不仅读过这本书, 还记得内容. only have eyes for sb/have eyes only for sb => eye. only `just (a) not long ago/before 刚刚: We've only just arrived. 我们刚到. * I've only just moved to London. 我刚刚搬到伦敦. (b) almost not; scarcely 差一点没; 几乎不: He only just caught the train. 他差点没赶上火车. * I've enough milk for the coffee but only just. 我的牛奶够喝咖啡用的--刚刚够. only to do sth (used to indicate sth that happens immediately afterwards, esp sth that causes surprise, disappointment, relief, etc 用以指随即发生的事, 尤指使人惊讶﹑ 失望﹑ 放心等的事) 反而; 却: I arrived at the shop only to find I'd left all my money at home. 我到商店却发现钱全落在家了. only too (with an adj or pp 与形容词或过去分词连用) very 很; 非常; 十分: I shall be only too pleased to get home. 我要回到家里就非常高兴. * That's only too true, I'm afraid, ie really true, and not untrue as the speaker might have hoped or wanted. 我看这是真事(说话者但愿并非真事). you're only young `once (saying 谚) let young people have what enjoyment and freedom they can get, because they will have to work and worry later in their lives 青春只一度: Enjoy the disco you're only young once. 尽情跳起迪斯科--须知青春只一度.