1 / 5EUnlI; `onlI/ adj [attrib 作定语]
with no other(s) of the same group, style, etc existing or present; sole 唯一的; 仅有的: She was the only person able to do it. 她是唯一能做那事的人. * His only answer was a grunt. 他只咕哝了一声算是回答了. * This is the only painting in this style that we have. 这种风格的画我们仅有这一幅. * We were the only people there. 只有我们在那里.
(infml 口) most worth considering; best 最值得考虑的; 最好的: She's the only woman for the job. 她是最适合做这一工作的人. * She says Italy is the only place to go for a holiday. 她说意大利是度假的最佳去处.
(idm 习语) one and only => one1. an only `child child having no brothers or sisters 独生子女: My mother was an only child. 我母亲是独生女. * Only children are sometimes spoilt. 独生子女有时被宠坏了.