/ E5fIFl; E`fIFEl/ adj
of or concerning a position of authority or trust 公务的; 公职的; 职权的: official responsibilities, powers, records 公务﹑ 职权﹑ 公认的记录 * in his official capacity as mayor 以其市长的官方身分.
said, done, etc with authority; recognized by authority 官方的; 正式的; 官方认可的: an official announcement, statement, decision, etc 官方公告﹑ 声明﹑ 决定等 * the official biography of the princess 官方发表的公主传记 * The news is almost certainly true although it is not official. 尽管消息是非官方的, 但是几乎确凿无疑.
for, suitable for or characteristic of persons holding office(4); formal 为公职人员的; 适合官员的; 有官员特点的: an official reception, dinner, etc 官式的接待﹑ 宴会等 * written in an official style 以官式文体写的.
> official n person who holds a public office (eg in national or local government) 官员: government officials 政府官员 * the officials of a political party 政党官员.
officialdom / -dEm; -dEm/ n (fml often derog 文, 常作贬义)
1 [Gp] officials as a group 官员(总称): Officialdom will no doubt decide our future. 当官的无疑将决定我们的未来.
2 [U] the ways of doing the business of bureaucracy 官僚作风; 官场: We suffer from too much officialdom. 我们深受官僚作风之害.
officialese / E9fIFE5li:z; E9fIFE`liz/ n [U] (derog 贬) language characteristic of official documents (and thought to be too formal or complicated) 公文体的文字: the incomprehensible officialese of income tax documents 所得税公文上的晦涩文字. Cf 参看 journalese (journal).
officially / E5fIFElI; E`fIFElI/ adv 1 in an official manner; formally 公务或公职上; 正式地: I've been officially invited to the wedding. 我正式获得邀请去参加婚礼. * We already know who's got the job but we haven't yet been informed officially. 我们已经知道是谁得到这份工作了, 但是尚未得到正式通知. 2 as announced publicly (esp by officials) though not necessarily true in fact 据称(尤指官员所称, 但未必属实): Officially, the director is in a meeting, though actually he's playing golf. 据说主任正在开会, 可他实际上正打高尔夫球呢.