/ 5CfE(r); [email protected] 5R:f-; `RfL/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) (for sth) put forward sth (to sb) to be considered and accepted or refused; present (向某人)提出某事物供考虑﹑ 接受或拒绝; 提供: The company has offered a high salary. 公司已提出高薪相聘. * She offered a reward for the return of her lost bracelet. 她为寻回遗失的手镯提出以酬金答谢. * I've been offered a job in Japan. 日本有份工作要聘请我去做. * He offered her a cigarette. 他敬她一枝烟. * We offered him the house for £35000. 这所房子我们向他索价35000英镑. * He offered £30000 for the house. 他还价30000英镑买这所房子.
[I, Tn, Tt, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (to sb) show or express the willingness or intention to do, give, etc sth 表示愿意或有意做﹑ 给...某事物: I don't think they need help, but I think I should offer anyway. 我认为他们无须帮助, 不过我想我应有所表示. * They offered no resistance. 他们没有抵抗. * We offered to leave. 我们表示要走了. * We offered him a lift, but he didn't accept. 我们建议他搭我们的车, 但他没有接受. * The company offered the job to someone else. 公司把这工作给别人了.
[I] (fml 文) occur; arise 发生; 出现; 呈现: Take the first opportunity that offers, ie that there is. 有机会切勿放过.
[Tn] (fml 文) give opportunity for (sth); provide 为(某事物)提供机会; 给予: The job offers prospects of promotion. 这份工作有晋升的机会. * The trees offered welcome shade from the sun. 这些树凉儿十分宜人.
[Tn, Tn.p, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth/sb (up) (to sb) (for sth) (fml 文) present or give sth/sb, usu to God or a god and esp as a sacrifice 奉献, (通常指向上帝或其他神)祭献(某事物[某人])(尤指作为牺牲): She offered (up) a prayer to God for her husband's safe return. 她向上帝祷告保佑她丈夫平安回来. * A calf was offered up as a sacrifice to the goddess. 向女神祭献了一头牺牲小牛.
(idm 习语) `offer itself/themselves (fml 文) be present; happen 有; 出现; 发生: Ask her about it when a suitable moment offers itself. 这个问题你在适当的时候问问她吧. offer (sb) one's `hand (fml 文) hold out one's hand (in order to shake hands with sb) 伸出手(为和某人握手): He came towards me, smiled and offered his hand. 他向我走来, 微笑着伸出手来和我握手. offer one's hand (in `marriage) (fml 文) propose marriage to a woman 向女子求婚.
> offer n
1 [C] ~ (to sb/to do sth) statement offering to do or give sth to sb (为某人做某事物或给某人某事物的)提议, 建议: an offer of help from the community 社区提出的帮助建议 * your kind offer to help 你愿意帮忙的好意 * an offer of marriage (ie proposal) to the youngest sister 向最小的妹妹的求婚.
2 [C] ~ (for sth) amount offered 提供考虑的数量; 出价: a firm offer, ie one which was genuinely meant and not likely to be withdrawn 实盘 * I've had an offer of £1200 for the car. 有人向我出价1200英镑买这辆汽车. * They made an offer which I couldn't refuse. 他们出的价我十分满意.
3 (idm 习语) be open to (an) offer/offers => open1. on `offer for sale at a reduced price 削价出售: Baked beans are on offer this week at the local supermarket. 当地超级市场本周烘豆罐头大减价. or nearest offer => near1. under `offer (Brit) (of a building for sale) having a prospective buyer who has made an offer (指待售房屋)已有人出价要买: The office block is under offer. 办公大楼已有人出价购买.
offering / 5CfErIN; [email protected] 5R:f-; `RfErIN/ n 1 [U] action of presenting sth (to be accepted or refused) 提供, 给予(以备对方接受或拒绝): the offering of bribes 行贿 * the offering of financial assistance 提供财务帮助. 2 [C] (fml 文) thing offered, esp as a gift or contribution 提供之物; (尤指)礼物, 奉献物: a church offering 给教堂的捐献 * He gave her a box of chocolates as a peace offering, ie in the hope of restoring peace after an argument, etc. 他送她一盒巧克力以示和解之意.