/ Eb5dVekFn; Eb`dVZkFEn/ n
[C, U] ~ (to sth/doing sth) (expression of a) feeling of dislike, disapproval or opposition 厌恶; 不赞成; 反对; 异议: raise/lodge/voice an objection 提出异议 * He has a strong objection to getting up so early. 他十分反感这麽早起床. * I'd like to come too, if you've no objection. 你要不反对的话, 我也愿意来. * Objections to the plan will be listened to sympathetically. 欢迎对该计画提出反对意见.
[C] ~ (to/against sb/sth) reason for objecting 反对的理由: My main objection to the plan is that it would be too expensive. 我反对该计画的主要理由是代价太高.
> objectionable / -FEnEbl; -FEnEbl/ adj causing opposition or disapproval; unpleasant 引起反对的; 令人反感的; 令人不快的: an objectionable smell 难闻的气味 * objectionable remarks 令人反感的言语 * His drunken behaviour was extremely objectionable. 他醉後的举动极为讨厌. * I find him most objectionable. 我对他十分厌恶. objectionably / -FEnEblI; -FEnEblI/ adv.