/ EUk; ok/ n
(a) (also `oak-tree) [C] type of tree with tough hard wood, common in many parts of the world 栎树; 橡树; 柞树: a forest of oaks 栎树林 * [attrib 作定语] an oak forest 栎树林. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page i. (b) [U] wood of this tree 栎木; 橡木; 柞木: The table is (of) solid oak. 这桌子是纯粹栎木的. * [attrib 作定语] oak panels 栎木板 * an oak table 栎木桌.
the Oaks [sing v] name of a horse-race run at Epsom, near London, every year 欧克斯赛(在伦敦附近的埃普瑟姆一年一度的赛马会).
(idm 习语) big/tall/great/large oaks from little `acorns grow (saying 谚) great things may come from small or modest beginnings 大橡树生自小橡实; 合抱之木, 生於毫末; 大事恒自小事始.
> oaken / 5EUkEn; `okEn/ adj [attrib 作定语] (dated fml 旧, 文) made of oak 栎木制的; 橡木制的.
# `oak-apple n growth on an oak leaf or stem, caused by an insect 栎瘿; 栎五倍子. Cf 参看 gall3.