2 / nEUt; not/ v
[Tn, Tf, Tw] (esp fml 尤作文雅语) notice (sth); observe 注意(某事物); 观察: Please note my words. 请注意我的话. * She noted (that) his hands were dirty. 她看到他的手很脏. * Note how I do it, then copy me. 注意看我是怎麽做的, 然後照我的样子做.
(phr v) note sth down record sth in writing; write sth down 记录某事; 将某事记下: The policeman noted down every word she said. 警察把她说的每句话都记了下来.
> noted adj ~ (for/as sth) well-known; famous 闻名的; 着名的: a noted pianist 着名的钢琴家 * a town noted for its fine buildings, as a health resort 以精美的建 筑物﹑ 疗养地而闻名的城镇.
# `noteworthy adj deserving to be noted; remarkable 值得注意的; 显着的: a noteworthy performance by a young soloist 青年独奏演员的出色表演.