1 / nEUt; not/ n
[C] short written record (of facts, etc) to aid the memory 笔记; 摘记: make a note (of sth) 做(某事的)摘记 * She lectured without notes. 她讲演不用演稿. * He sat taking notes of everything that was said. 他坐在那里把说的每件事都记录下来.
[C] (a) short letter 短信; 短简: a note of thanks 谢函 * He wrote me a note asking if I would come. 他给我写了个便条, 问我是否能来. (b) official diplomatic letter 照会; 通牒: an exchange of notes between governments 两国政府互致照会.
[C] short comment on or explanation of a word or passage in a book, etc 评注; 注释: a new edition of `Hamlet', with copious notes 新版《哈姆雷特》, 附详细注释 * See the editor's comments, page 259, note 3. 见编者按语, 第259页之注释3. Cf 参看 footnote (foot1).
[C] (also `banknote, US usu 美式英语通常作 bill) piece of paper money issued by a bank 纸币: a £5 note5英镑的纸币 * Do you want the money in notes or coins? 你要纸币要硬币?
[C] (a) single sound of a certain pitch and duration, made by a musical instrument, voice, etc (乐器﹑ 嗓子等发出的)单音, 鸣声, 音调, 调: the first few notes of a tune 曲子的头几个音 * (arch 古) the blackbird's merry note, ie song 黑鹂轻快的鸣声. (b) sign used to represent such a sound in a manuscript or in printed music (乐谱上的)音符: Quavers, crotchets and minims are three of the different lengths of note in written music. 八分音符﹑ 四分音符和二分音符在乐谱上是不同长度的三个音符. =>illus at music 见music插图. (c) any one of the keys of a piano, organ, etc (钢琴﹑ 风琴等的)键: the black notes and the white notes 黑键和白键.
[sing] ~ (of sth) a quality (of sth); hint or suggestion (of sth) (某事物的)特徵; (某事的)暗示, 含义, 表示: There was a note of self-satisfaction in his speech. 他的言谈中流露着自满的口气. * The book ended on an optimistic note. 该书的结尾寓意乐观.
[U] notice; attention 注意: worthy of note 值得注意 * Take note of what he says, ie pay attention to it. 要注意他说的话.
(idm 习语) compare notes => compare. of `note that is important, distinguished, well-known, etc 重要的; 非凡的; 着名的: a singer, writer, etc of some note 有些名气的歌唱家﹑ 作家等 * Nothing of particular note happened.没发生特别值得注意的事. make a mental note (of sth/to do sth) => mental. hit/strike the right/wrong note => hit1. strike/sound a `note (of sth) express feelings, views, etc of the stated kind 表示某种感情﹑ 观点等: She sounded a note of warning in her speech. 她在讲话中表示要引起警惕. * The article struck a pessimistic note; it suggested there would be no improvement. 那篇文章不甚乐观, 暗示将无改进. strike/sound a false note => false.
> notelet / 5nEUtlIt; `notlIt/ n sheet of paper, often decorated, for writing short letters on 便笺.
# `notebook n small book for writing notes (note 1) in 笔记本; 记事本.
`notecase n wallet for banknotes 钱夹; 钱包.
`notepad n block of sheets of paper for taking notes (note 1) on 便条本.
`notepaper n [U] paper for writing letters on 信纸; 信笺.