/ 5nCmIneIt; `nBmE9net/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a,Cn.t] ~ sb (for/as sth) formally propose that sb should be chosen for a position, office, task, etc 提名某人(为某职位﹑ 职务﹑ 任务等的候选人): (infml 口) I nominate Tom to make the tea. 我建议汤姆去沏茶. * She has been nominated (as candidate) for the Presidency. 她已被提名为总统(候选人).
[Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a] ~ sb (to/as sth) appoint sb to an office 任命某人(任某职); 指定; 指派: be nominated to a committee 被任命为委员会委员 * The board nominated her as the new director. 董事会指定她为新董事.
[Tn, Cn.n/a] ~ sth (as sth) formally decide on (a date or place) for an event, meeting, etc 确定(某事﹑ 会议等的日期或地点): 1 December has been nominated as the day of the election. 已指定12月1日为选举日.