/ 5nju:trEl; [email protected] 5nu:-; `nutrEl/ adj
(a) not supporting or helping either side in a dispute, contest,war, etc; impartial 中立的; 不偏不倚的; 公平的: a neutral country, judge, assessment 中立国﹑ 公正的法官﹑ 公正的评价 * be/remain neutral 保持中立. (b) of a country that remains neutral in war 中立国的: neutral territory, ships, etc 中立国的领土﹑ 船只等.
(a) having no distinct or positive qualities 无明显特性的: He is rather a neutral character, ie has no obvious virtues or faults. 他品性平平. (b) (of colours) not strong or vivid, eg grey or fawn (指颜色)不鲜艳的(如灰色或浅黄褐色): A neutral tie can be worn with a shirt of any colour. 暗灰色的领带配什麽颜色的衬衣都行.
(of a gear) in which the engine is not connected with the parts driven by it (指汽车的排挡)空挡的: leave a car in neutral gear 让汽车排挡置於空挡位置 * Put the gear lever in the neutral position. 把变速杆推到空挡的位置.
(chemistry 化) neither acid nor alkaline 中性的.
> neutral n
1 [C] person, country, etc that is neutral 中立的人﹑ 国家等.
2 [U] neutral(3) position of the gears 空挡位置: slip (the gears) into neutral 把(排挡)推到空挡位置 * The car's in neutral. 那汽车在空挡位置.
neutrality / nju:5trAlEtI; [email protected] nu:-; nu`trAlEtI/ n [U] state of being neutral, esp in war 中性; (尤指战时的)中立: armed neutrality, ie readiness to fight if attacked, while remaining neutral until this happens 武装中立(保持中立, 但如遭攻击可立即应战).
neutralize, -ise v [Tn] 1 take away the effect or special quality of (sth) by using sth with the opposite effect or quality 使(某物)无效; 中和: neutralize a poison,an acid 解毒﹑ 把酸中和. 2 make (a region, country, etc) neutral by agreement; keep free or exclude from fighting (通过协议)使(某地区﹑ 国家等)中立; 不使参战: a neutralized zone 通过协议保持中立的地区. neutralization, -isation / 9nju:trElaI5zeIFn; [email protected] -lI5z-;9njutrElE`zeFEn/ n [U].
neutrally / -rElI; -rElI/ adv.