/ 5negEtIv; `nZ^EtIv/ adj
(of words, sentences,etc) expressing denial or refusal; indicating `no' or `not' (指词﹑ 句等)表示否定或拒绝的: a negative sentence, question, adverb 否定句﹑ 否定疑问句﹑ 有否定含义的副词 * give sb a negative answer 给某人以否定的答覆 * a negative decision on an application 对申请的否决. Cf 参看 affirmative.
lacking in definite, constructive or helpful qualities or characteristics 消极的; 败事的; 无助益的: He has a very negative attitude to his work, ie is not interested in trying to do it well or properly. 他的工作态度很消极. * negative criticism, ie that does not suggest how the thing criticized could be improved 消极的批评(未对所批评的事物提出改进意见的) * a negative definition, ie one that defines a word, etc by saying what it does not mean 反面定义(通过说明一词不是某意思来给该词下定义者) * The results of her pregnancy test were negative, ie showed that she was not pregnant. 她的妊娠试验结果呈阴性.
(mathematics 数) (of a quantity) less than zero; (of a number) that has to be subtracted from other numbers or from zero (指值或数)负的.
containing or producing the type of electric charge carried by electrons (电)阴极的, 负极的: the negative terminal of a battery, ie the one through which current enters from an external circuit 电池的负极.
(of a photograph) with the light areas of the actual object(s) or scene appearing as dark, and the dark areas as light (指摄影)底片的. Cf 参看 positive.
> negative n
1 word or statement that expresses or means denial or refusal 否定词; 否定语: `No', `not' and `neither' are negatives. no﹑ not﹑ neither都是否定词.
2 developed photographic film, etc on which the light and dark areas of the actual object(s) or scene are reversed and from which positive pictures can be made (摄影等的)底片, 负片.
3 (idm 习语) in the `negative (fml 文) (of a sentence, etc) containing a negative word; expressing denial, refusal, etc (指句子等)含有否定词的, 表示否定或拒绝等的, 否定的: She answered in the negative, ie said `no'. 她做出否定的回答.
negative v [Tn] (fml 文) 1 refuse to approve or grant (sth); veto 否定, 否认(某事); 否决: negative a request, an application, etc 否决一要求﹑ 申请等. 2 prove (sth) to be untrue; disprove 证明(某事物)不实; 驳斥; 反驳. 3 neutralize (an effect) 抵销(一作用).
negatively adv.