/ nI5geIt; nI`^et/ v [Tn] (fml 文)
deny or disprove the existence of (sb/sth) 否定或否认(某人[某事物])的存在: How can you negate God? 你怎麽能否定上帝的存在?
cancel the effect of (sth); nullify 消除(某事物)的作用; 使无效: These facts negate your theory. 这些事实否定了你的理论.
> negation / nI5geIFn; nI`^eFEn/ n (fml 文)
1 [U] action of denying 否定; 否认; 无效: Shaking the head is a sign of negation. 摇头表示否认.
2 [C] denial 否定; 否认: This theory is a negation of all traditional beliefs. 这理论否定了一切传统信念.