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essential for a purpose; that cannot be done without or avoided 必须的; 必需的; 必不可少的; 不可避免的: I haven't got the necessary tools. 我没有必需的工具. * Is it necessary for us to meet/necessary that we meet? 我们非见面不可吗? * She hasn't the experience necessary for the job. 她没有做那事所需要的经验. * Sleep is necessary to/for one's health. 睡眠对健康是必不可少的.
that must be; inevitable 必然的; 必定的; 无可避免的: If a = b, and b = c, then the necessary conclusion is that a = c. 设a = b, b = c, 则结论必定是a = c. * the necessary consequences 必然的结果.
(idm 习语) a ,necessary `evil thing that is undesirable and possibly harmful but must be accepted for practical reasons (按照实际情况)不得不认可的不合意甚至有害的事物: The loss of jobs is regarded by some as a necessary evil in the fight against inflation. 有些人认为要遏止通货膨胀就难免有人得失业.
> necessaries n [pl] things needed for living 生活必需品: the little necessaries of life 一点儿生活必需品.