/ 5nB:stI; [email protected] 5nA-; `nAstI/ adj (-ier, -iest)
unpleasant; disgusting 令人不愉快的; 令人厌恶的: a nasty smell, taste, sight 令人厌恶的气味﹑ 味道﹑ 情景 * I don't like the colour they've chosen for their new carpet it looks really nasty. 我不喜欢他们挑的那块新地毯的颜色--看着真让人恶心. Cf 参看 nice.
(a) unkind; spiteful 不善良的; 恶意的: What a nasty man! 这个恶人! * Don't be nasty to your little brother. 别跟你小弟弟动坏心眼儿. * She has a nasty temper. 她脾气不好. (b) morally bad 道德败坏的: a person with a nasty mind 思想肮脏的人 * nasty stories 下流故事.
(a) dangerous; threatening 危险的; 威胁的: The weather is too nasty for sailing. 这种天气作帆船运动太危险. * He had a nasty look in his eye. 他眼露凶光. * This is a nasty corner, ie is dangerous for cars going fast. 这个街角对疾驰的汽车来说非常危险. (b) painful; severe 疼痛的; 严重的: a nasty cut, wound, etc 严重的割伤﹑ 伤口等 * She had a nasty skiing accident. 她滑雪时出了严重事故. * The news gave me a nasty shock. 我得知那一消息大为震惊.
(idm 习语) leave a bad/nasty taste in the mouth => leave1. a nasty piece of work (infml 口) unpleasant or untrustworthy person 讨厌的或不可靠的人. > nastily adv. nastiness n [U].