/ 5nArEU; `nAro/ adj (-er, -est)
of small width compared with length 窄的: a narrow bridge, path, ledge 窄的桥﹑ 路﹑ 檐 * The road was too narrow for cars to pass. 路很窄, 汽车过不去. Cf 参看 broad1 1, thin 1, wide 1.
of limited range or variety; small or restricted (范围或种类)有限的, 小的, 受限制的: a narrow circle of friends 交游不广 * the narrow confines of small-town life 小镇生活的狭小天地.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] with only a small margin; barely achieved 勉强的; 几乎未成的: a narrow escape from death 九死一生 * elected by a narrow majority, eg when voting is 67 to 64 以微弱多数当选(如以67票对64票) * The favourite had a narrow lead over (ie was not far ahead of) the rest. 那匹热门马稍稍领先.
limited in outlook; having little sympathy for the ideas, etc of others 偏狭的; 狭隘的; 度量小的: He has a very narrow mind. 他度量很小. * She takes a rather narrow view of the subject. 她对这一问题有些偏见.
strict; exact 严格的; 精确的: What does the word mean in its narrowest sense? 这个词的最狭义的意思是什麽?
(idm 习语) a narrow `squeak situation in which one barely avoids failure or escapes danger 险遭失败或危险的情况. the straight and narrow => straight1.
> narrow v [I, Tn] (cause sth to) become narrower (使某物)变窄: The road narrows here. 路到这里变窄了.* Her eyes narrowed (ie She partly closed them) menacingly.她威胁地眯起眼睛. * The gap between the two parties has narrowed considerably. 双方的隔阂已明显缩小. * In order to widen the road they had to narrow the pavement. 为了拓宽道路只好将人行道弄窄.
narrowly adv
1 only just; by only a small margin 仅仅; 勉强地: We won narrowly. 我们仅是险胜. * He narrowly escaped drowning. 他差点儿淹死.
2 closely; carefully 严密地; 仔细地; 小心地: observe someone narrowly 密切注意某人.
narrowness n [U].
narrows n [pl] 1 narrow strait or channel connecting two larger bodies of water 海峡; 江峡. 2 narrow place in a river or pass 河流的狭窄处; 隘路.
# ,narrow-`minded / 5maIndId; `maIndId/ adj not readyto listen to or tolerate the views of others 心胸狭窄的; 狭隘的; 度量小的: a narrow-minded bigot 狭隘偏执的人. ,narrow-`mindedly adv. ,narrow-`mindedness n [U].