/ mI5stIErIEs; mIs`tIrIEs/ adj
full of mystery; hard to understand or explain 神秘的; 不可思议的; 难解的: a mysterious event, crime, etc 神秘的事件﹑ 罪行等 * a mysterious letter, parcel, etc, ie whose contents or sender are unknown 神秘的信件﹑ 包裹等(内容或寄件人不明).
keeping or liking to keep things secret 保密的; 好故弄玄虚的: He was being very mysterious, and wouldn't tell me what he was up to. 他神秘莫测, 不告诉我他想干什麽. * She gave me a mysterious look, ie suggesting secret knowledge. 她向我使个神秘的眼色(意谓知道秘密). > mysteriously adv: The main witness had mysteriously disappeared.主要见证人神秘地失踪了. * Mysteriously, there was no answer when I rang. 真怪, 我按了铃, 但没人应. mysteriousness n [U].