/ 5mQFrUm, -ru:m; `mQFrJm, -rum/ n fast-growing fungus with a round flattish head and a stalk, of which some kinds can be eaten 蕈; 菇; 蘑菇: grilled/fried mushrooms []蘑菇 * a button mushroom, ie a small one with a round head like a button 钮粒蘑菇 * [attrib 作定语] mushroom soup 蘑菇汤. =>illus at fungus 见fungus插图. Cf 参看 toadstool.
> mushroom v [I]
(usu 通常作 go mushrooming) gather mushrooms (in a field or wood) (在地里或林子里)采集蘑菇.
(sometimes derog 有时作贬义) spread or increase in number rapidly 迅速扩散或增加: new blocks of flats and offices mushrooming all over the city 在全市各处如雨後春笋般出现的新公寓楼和办公楼.
# ,mushroom `cloud cloud (shaped like a mushroom) that forms after a nuclear explosion (核爆炸後形成的)蘑菇云.