/ mju:5nIsIpl; mju`nIsEpl/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] of a town or city with its own local government 市的; 市政的: municipal buildings, eg town hall, publiclibrary 市属建筑物(如市政厅﹑ 公共图书馆) * municipalaffairs, elections, ie of the local council and its members 地方事务﹑ 选举 * the municipal transport system, rubbish dump 市交通系统﹑ 垃圾场.
> municipality / mju:9nIsI5pAlEtI; 9mjunIsE`pAlEtI/ n town, city or district with its own local government; governing body of such a town, etc 自治市; 自治区; 自治市或区的政府当局.