/ 5mEUtIveIt; `motE9vet/ v
[Tn usu passive 通常用於被动语态] be the reason for (sb's action); cause (sb) to act in a particular way; inspire 作为(某人行为)的动机; 使(某人)以某方式行事: be motivated by greed, fear, love, etc 受贪慾﹑ 恐惧﹑ 爱等驱使.
[Tn, Cn.t] stimulate the interest of (sb); cause to want to do sth 激发(某人)的兴趣; 使欲做某事物: a teacher who can motivate her pupils (to work harder) 善於诱导学生(努力学习)的教师. > motivated adj: a politically motivated murder 出於政治动机的谋杀 * be highly motivated, ie very keen to do sth 有高度积极性(非常热衷於做某事物). motivation / 9mEUtI5veIFn; 9motE`veFEn/n [C, U]: the basic financial motivations for the decision 做出该决定的基本上在财务方面的考虑 * They lack the motivation to study. 他们缺乏学习的积极性.