/ mE5rAlEtI; mE`rAlEtI/ n
[U] principles of good behaviour 美德; 道德; 道义; 伦理: matters of public/private morality 公共的[个人的]道德问题 * Have standards of morality improved? 道德标准是否已有所改进?
[U] (degree of) conforming to moral principles; goodness or rightness 道德原则; 道德性; 道义性; 正当性: discuss the morality of abortion 讨论堕胎的道德性.
particular system of morals 道德体系: Muslim, Hindu, Christian, etc morality 回教的﹑ 印度教的﹑ 基督教的道德规范.
# mo`rality play form of drama, popular in the 15th and 16th centuries, in which good behaviour is taught and where the characters represent good and bad qualities 道德剧(流行於15-16世纪, 以代表善与恶的角色寓意感化的戏剧).