/ 5mCnjUmEnt; `mBnjEmEnt/ n
building, column, statue, etc built to remind people of a famous person or event 纪念馆; 纪念碑; 纪念像; 纪念物: a monument erected to soldiers killed in the war 阵亡将士纪念碑.
building, etc that is preserved because of its historical importance to a country (对国家有重要性的)历史遗迹: an ancient monument 一处古迹.
~ to sth notable thing that stands as a lasting reminder of sb's deeds, achievements, etc (对某人业绩﹑ 成就等的)永久性纪念物: This whole city is a monument to his skill as a planner and administrator. 这整座城市经他亲自设计并管理, 正是对他的才能的纪念.